Yes We Are? Restaurant

this picture is not the best, had so much trouble taking it. my friend natasha was brave enough to capture this beautiful sign. we came to a conclusion that even they (owner, employees etc.) are not certain whether it’s a restaurant…. because of the massive question mark!

or maybe it’s the company logo…. 🙂

you can see this joint on the landside somewhere in wadduwa-kalutara…yes we are?


6 thoughts on “Yes We Are? Restaurant

  1. Dominic says:

    I still maintain that the “YES WE ARE RESTAURANT” is in REPLY to the question mark…

    So basically, they’re trying to answer any queries about the restarauntal-nature of the establishment before you enter.

    Just in case a “Perera’s Restaurant” wasn’t enough…

  2. this is in wadduwa – we think the name came about bc chaps come by and ask them if they are a restaurant – and instead of answering every time they made the name an answer in itself.

    almost as good as the resthouse named Eternal Rest.

  3. This is in Wadduwa. We have come to the conclusion that the name evolved after several visitors asked the establishment if they are a restaurant, and eventually instead of answering every time, they made the restaurant name an answer in itself.

  4. haha theres a restaurant in Bentota or Hikka (not sure) called “No Name” Restaurant.. but I cant seem to find it since of late… maybe they found a name finally

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