Another Mutant

Another Mutant

Hero or Villain???

You Name the mutant…


3 thoughts on “Another Mutant

  1. kaushi says:

    Super Hero but he’s probably got a very dark side to him.

    I have it! He’s a Super Hero cos of his own will… meaning he has all the markings of a Supervillian, in fact it’s easier for him to be a villian than a hero but he has to battle out his demons EVRYDAY to be a SuperHero and Not a SuperVillian… Maybe he was even a Villian before but after some great turning point (which you can decide) he decided to turn his life around. But it isn’t as easy as he thought it would be. So everyday he has to fight himself as well as all the bad guys out there.

    a tad bit complicated no? =))))

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