The Last Choice



3 thoughts on “The Last Choice

  1. kaushi says:

    2nd Favourite!! well ok i’m not sure, can’t decide between the balance and this..(after u explained what it is) Don’t like the title though.. atleast not wat it implies..sorry thats jst me.. =)

  2. yeah me neither… to be honest i didnt have anything to put. i mean… as u can see the guy has has a choice cos he’s still standing on a stool… he can let go or not! that’s why i decided to name it the last choice! but if he decides to live… it actually cant be his final choice! wow i never looked at it in such a way…

  3. kaushi says:

    hehe you should have done English for your AL’s.. Ur getting good at the analysing part.. =) yeah it doesn’t really seem like the perfect title for it.. bet u can come up with a better one..

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